the unruly Retreat:

July 31 - August 5, 2019


The UNRULY Agenda

At The Unruly Retreat women will be lead through The Unruly Life Blueprint step by step, in the presence of a group of supportive, non-judgmental women who are also engaged in the same process. Throughout the course of the retreat, each woman will create her own Unruly Life Blueprint which she will use to guide her through the next phase of her Unruly life.   

The Unruly Life Blueprint

  1. She investigates.

    The first step in designing an UNRULY life is to get a clear picture of exactly where you are. She investigates is all about taking a non-judgmental, radically honest look at your emotional and spiritual landscape.

  2. She discovers.

    The next step in the process requires finding insight and how you came to be where you are right now. The goal of She discovers is to uncover any limiting beliefs, thoughts or agreements that are preventing you from acting as your highest self.  

  3. She creates peace.

    Now you’ve reached the stage in The Unruly Blueprint where you invite peace into your life, say yes to freedom, and be open to letting go. This step is critical in the process, so you can truly move forward in creating the best version of who you are

  4. She imagines.

    Let the fun begin. This is where you connect with your imaginative, creative side. The vibrant part of who you are that sees in full color and with the sound on. In She imagines, you will be guided through the enlightening journey of designing exactly what kind of life you’d like to lead.

  5. She takes risks.

    Without risk there is no reward. UNRULY ladies are calculated risk takers that take smart risks that challenge them to be more of who they are and on the highest level.

  6. She takes action.

    She takes action is where you bridge the gap between imagining and doing. It’s time to take all that talk and metaphorically put your money where your mouth is. After this step, you will have specific action items that you can implement into your life right now to start living happier and healthier.  

  7. She is reborn.

    You did it. It’s time to formally and finally shed everything standing in the way of who you truly are, and step confidently into this brand new version of yourself.

  • UNRULY Welcome Reception

  • Meet & Greet Orientation

  • Workshops Exploring The UNRULY Blueprint

  • Tropical Beach Activities

  • Cancun Excursion

  • Intentional Journaling

  • Neon Evening Turn Up Session

  • UNRULY Group Photoshoot

  • Rebirthing Ceremony

  • LIGHT BRIGHT Dinner Party

  • Farewell Breakfast

Every Guest will receive a customized UNRULY Retreat Experience Gift Bag filled with goodies

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