CCC is the go-to place for women of color to connect, commune, and embark on their paths to self love and care.



We create beautiful and honest experiences for our ladies because they deserve to experience it.

The CCC experience focuses on promoting self-love, personal development, meditation, and physical wellness, with the ultimate goal of providing individuals with the tools and resources to be able to live a more elevated life.

We are confident that we can contribute to fostering healthy women, who make up the strong foundation of our communities.


Our attendees


Our attendees are multi-generational and advocates for living in work/life harmony. They are conscious, savvy shoppers and prominent influencers in their communities. They are culturally diverse individuals on a path of continuous personal growth and development.


Community Drives

In addition to our workshops, Curvy, Curly, Conscious coordinates specific community drives to collect resources for women and families in underprivileged communities. We work closely with agencies and staff who work in these communities to identify the significant needs and concentrate our efforts on gathering as many products and resources as possible